The United States Swine Pathogen Database (US-SPD)

The genetic and antigenic diversity of viruses that currently circulate in swine continues to increase: this poses a challenge for producers, as established vaccination and other control measures are unlikely to work. In addition, novel viruses appear to periodically emerge in swine populations (e.g., Senecavirus A, Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus) which can led to establishment and persistence of antigenically distinct viruses that do not have appropriate vaccines because there is limited information from which to derive rational formulations. Thus, given that the genetic makeup of viruses continually changes, monitoring the patterns of genetic change of viruses in swine is needed to identify possible emerging threats and also help control endemic viruses.

This database aids in improving agricultural production and preparedness for novel and endemic swine pathogens by allowing for the identification of important changes in genetic diversity and provides a benchmark from which to measure success of intervention strategies. These interventions include timely vaccine and diagnostic updates for use in swine, as well as factors to prevent infection and transmission, such as changes in production practices, farm management, and vaccine implementation.


Noteworthy updates to the US-SPD project and date of implementation. Please contact us if you encounter errors/bugs or have suggestions for new features.

Date Message
27-Oct-2021 Addition of BV, PCV2, PCV3, PTV, SHEV, TGEV, and PRCoV to the US-SPD project
16-Jul-2021 Addition of APPV, PsRV, and SADS-CoV to the US-SPD project
16-Jul-2021 Tripal community update manuscript describing the toolkit underlying the US-SPD published in Briefings in Bioinformatics.
22-Apr-2021 bioRxiv preprint (doi: 2021.04.16.439882) describing the US-SPD released.
30-Mar-2021 Addition of complete genome annotation tool. All US-SPD services have been made public.
01-Mar-2021 New announcement and database update tracking feature for the US-SPD project

Database updates

Addition of new database entries by date. All records are processed by the Swine Pathogen Analysis Resource and may not be immediately available if further treatment is needed.

Date Count
08-Nov-2021 486
06-Oct-2021 952
01-Sep-2021 3071
28-Jul-2021 119
07-Jul-2021 2477
24-May-2021 421
22-Apr-2021 395
23-Mar-2021 478
03-Mar-2021 239
19-Feb-2021 190
03-Feb-2021 165
07-Jan-2021 385
23-Nov-2020 80
09-Nov-2020 869
11-Sep-2020 128
18-Aug-2020 15104
23-Jul-2020 203
02-Jun-2020 62
21-May-2020 432
20-Apr-2020 17234
24-Feb-2020 59
03-Feb-2020 478
04-Dec-2019 27542
21-Nov-2019 8278
17-Jul-2018 400
25-May-2018 1442
11-May-2018 155