Data Policy

It is the goal of the US-SPD to include all publicly available genetic data that falls within our project scope and to provide a platform for researchers to allow exploration of that data. For data with NCBI Genbank accession numbers, permission for use and resharing of the data has been given or is implied by the researchers and institutions who originally generated and published these data.


The US-SPD also includes data that has been deposited by veterinary diagnostic laboratories that may or may not have patents, copyrights, or other associated rights (these will not have a public NCBI Genbank accession indentifier): in these cases, our general data policy philosophy follows that outlined in the Fort Lauderdale principles. Specifically, the veterinary diagnostic labs request and expect to retain the right to first publications and presentations of any analyses of these data. If the user wishes to conduct analysis of data that is not in the public domain, they are responsible for compliance with restrictions placed upon the data by the diagnostic lab and will acknowledge the original diagostic laboratory; the US-SPD may be able to facilitate this process.